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Spaulding Canada has been strategically housed in custom built framework that is 100% from reliance on traditional Big-Data Solutions providers. This means that TIPS Media can never be de-platformed by any party. Our decentralized and distributed approach to managing data will keep "Spaulding Canada" once any media is distributed through our platform. Join our team and find out more.

Stay tuned because very soon this page will contain categorized lists of hundreds of extraordinary videos exposing Spaulding Canada.

In the interim please check out our decentralized platforms.


TIPS has been growing exponentially!

Spaulding Canada is made possible in-part by the general donations of private and corporate enterprises, as well as being financially facilitated by advertisers and content contributors. Learn how to become a sponsor See Our Sponsors

Join Our Team

Join Our Team

TIPS has been growing exponentially!

We have been growing so fast in-fact, that we face daily challenges trying to keep up with all of the great happenings in our world. We can use your volunteer and even paid help.

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