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Spaulding Canada is a Boutique Record Label specializing in supporting the development of emerging artists while educating each artist in the areas of the industry, while also maintaining control and autonomy of each artist in the areas of their creative rights and successes.

Let's first dispel the common assumptions of a record label. Please tell us if this sound familiar. A record label is:
A) A rich entity owned by a man wearing a pimp hat, sporting gold teeth, gold rings and a golden contract waiting to be signed in blood.
B) A powerful old-boys club that only allows new members in that choose to sacrifice themselves to the greater cause that the old boys club prefers.
C) An entity that waits for you to become popular and successful on your own, then takes that popularity, signs you, while enslaving you to its control, then takes all of the credit and the majority of the profits after the engagement.
D) Once signed, a group that causes you to lose creative control of your creative process, and controls your every move from then forward. While also keeping you "on hold" while other artists may fully develop themselves.

When you think of the above, simply "reverse it" and you will reveal the heart and success of Spaulding Canada.

Spaulding Canada supports you and does not control you. Spaulding Canada educates you rather than keep you in the blind. Spaulding Canada keeps you in control of your own journey while strategically ensuring your journey is a success by providing the appropriate consulting and support.
Spaulding Canada teaches you to establish, market, and maintain your own brand so that you may operate successfully independently rather than be beholden to any secret or control desires of the label.
Spaulding Canada directly connects you to great movers and shakers in the industry while allowing you to soar on your own.
Spaulding Canada succeeds when and while you succeed and not the other way around. Spaulding Canada edifies you the artist and commits to not taking advantage of you. Ask our clients/artists and you will find all of the above to be true.

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