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Sponsors benefit from the exposure of TIPS through many strategic ways:
1) Website content and link creation
2) Social media platform mentions and promotions
3) Video embeds, mentions, and adding branded content to videos
4) Newsletter sponsorship positioning
5) We will not go into all of the details here but you get the idea.

Sponsors range from private, corporate, philanthropic, and in-kind contributors of all types.

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Integrity Bsed

TIPS Media keeps free from bias by facilitating a platform where sponsors only sponsor specific material: Videos, Images, Articles and otherwise, that they desire to be directly associated with. There are many forms of truth to be revealed in plain sight and we aware that certain sponsors feel a direct connect with certain types of material. We make 100% custom plans and strategies for every sponsors of every type.

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TIPS has been growing exponentially!

We have been growing so fast in-fact, that we face daily challenges trying to keep up with all of the great happenings in our world. We can use your volunteer and even paid help.

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